The meditating brain

A weekend retreat exploring the relationship between meditation and the brain.

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About the Retreat

Meditation is more than just relaxation or focus. Meditation is cultivating particular types of consciousness that are flowing rather than fixed. Until recently meditation was a practice with no tangible tools, apart from one’s own body, mind and environment. Now - with modern 'bio-sensing' technology - everyone can take a look under the hood and see how the brain changes with shifts of awareness.

A truly holistic approach to meditation must look into the practitioner’s subjective experience as well as the structure and function of their physiology. Imagine practicing astronomy, without a satellite or telescope. Imagine practicing biology without a microscope. Soon it will be hard to imagine exploring the mind-body relationship without utilizing bio-sensing tools.

This weekend retreat will include:

  • Introduction to the cognitive neuroscience of meditation
  • Instruction in various meditation techniques (e.g. mantra and open awareness)
  • Live demonstration of EEG and other biodata during meditation
  • Participation in experiments exploring the effects of meditation on brain rhythms
  • Current topics in the field of cognitive neuroscience such as learning, neuroplasticity and neurofeedback
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What You Can Expect


Explore your consciousness while we guide you through a flow of different meditation techniques.


Learn about the brain as we delve into the state of the art science of neuroplasticity and neurofeedback using EEG bio-sensors.


Kick back and relax as we explore sound meditation and walking meditations in nature. Enjoy Kripalu's many workshops and yoga classes.


Refresh and be happy at a gorgeous retreat center in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. Relaxation guaranteed.

Who We Are

Steven Leonard

Steven is founder of the Freestyle Meditation Community and faculty member at Kripalu Center, in Stockbridge MA. He leads meditation classes, workshops and retreats throughout the Northeast, using an approach that affirms each person’s natural instincts and intelligence. Steven holds a degree in exercise physiology, is an athlete, musician and self-taught sushi chef. For more information visit Steven's website.

Andrew Heusser

Andrew is a cognitive neuroscientist with expertise in brain rhythms and human learning. As a postdoctoral fellow at Dartmouth College, most of his days are spent running brain-imaging studies to understand how brain rhythms are related to learning and what makes memories “stick.” He brings more than a decade of brain science experience to the retreat, and will lead the EEG demonstrations and present neuroscience lecture material. Outside of his day job, he is an avid backpacker, musician, proponent of open science, and meditation enthusiast. For more information visit Andrew's website.

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